Tuesday, December 16, 2008

A new family for Grady??

I have received word that another family will be inquiring
with an agency to see if they meet the requirements for China....
possibly to adopt Grady.

Keep praying friends.
My heart hurts and sings at the same time.....


Wednesday, December 10, 2008

How can I turn my back on a child?

I am still praying but this is what I think....
HOW can I turn my back on a child...THIS child???


What to do???

Well, I have heard back from Heritage.
They have decided NOT to ask CCAA for us.
They have inquired about Grady and the CCAA
says that his file is not at the CCAA yet and
that the SWI is still working on a few documents.

They said I could process for the file in March 2009
and hope for a quick TA. The Fujian provincial director
says he will speak with CCAA Director LU to ask for
special expedited processing for Grady.

So--- This leaves Bill and I with a huge decision.
We must first find an agency willing to check with the
CCAA periodically for Grady's file. Then we must start
the home study and file with CIS...asking for
quick processing.

This is overwhelming. We just want to help
Grady have the life God has made it clear he deserves.
The LEAP of faith would be very
large for our family. We would need to spend about 1800.
NOT knowing IF we will
get Grady's file. BLIND faith. (and not much money to boot)

I need help here. I feel a call for Grady....
it is sometimes so much so
that I want to throw all caution out the door and just JUMP.
Other times, I could just say, "Oh Well....
someone else needs to fight this battle." (Is that Satan???)

I KNOW God will provide....I KNOW God calls us to
walk with Him even when we don't know they way.
It is hard to believe God would grant our family this
special child with all that is going against the
"norm" for Grady's China adoption processing
(and CIS for that matter)

As you can tell, I could really use some encouragement.
I don't know what way to turn--- TO Grady or AWAY from Grady...
I know I will turn to the Lord in prayer.....


Saturday, December 6, 2008

A decision on Monday???

The representative from heritage Adoption Agency will be asking the CCAA on MOnday if they will consider allowing us to have Grady's file.

I have been praying every time I think about this. This child has a chance to have a loving, caring family if the liason, Kathy, can work her miracles... others have told me she has a way with getting things done. I am excited and, yet, don't want to get my hopes up too high.
This will be a long road - one with bumps, hills, and mountains.
NONE too high for my savior....
Join me in prayer before you go to bed Sunday night.... Maybe Grady will be granted a miracle while we sleep...

Thursday, December 4, 2008

A little background....

I am a serial adopter...
I can't help it because God has called me to these children.
Yes, I am addicted to children and find pure joy in parenting them.
God has blessed me with two biological children who are 20 and 17.
In 2004, we heard a sermon from an adoptive parent who said to be
obedient and step out of your comfort zone...
three - going on four - adoptions later, I can say--we are being
obedient to THE CALL.

Now, there's Grady---
LOOK at his smile? Do you see the light of Christ?
It is written all over him!

I ask for prayer for this sweet boy. He needs a family SOON!
It could be our family....we will see what path God shows us....

Tuesday, December 2, 2008